Teas Organic Dried Saffron 0.2 OZ Chinese Various Health-enhancing Herbal Tea Health Tea Fruit Tea Scented Tea Flowertea

  • It's one of the costliest spices in the world, the reason being the difficult harvest whereby the stigmas of the flower are carefully hand-plucked.
  • While it’s true that saffron can be pricey, its potential health benefits are pretty amazing. It only takes a few strands to brew a cup of tea, add to a favorite dish, or as an addition to this scrumptious healthy hot chocolate.
  • While commonly known as a culinary additive, used mostly for its colour and fragrance, saffron has multiple health benefits as well.
  • some research shows that saffron is effective for a variety of uses and that low-dose supplementation has antidepressant properties
  • How to use: It's commonly used in tea , The number of saffron threads to use will mostly depend on how strong you like the colour, taste and fragrance.

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