Organic Blueberry Dried Fruit Herbal Tea 1 LB Chinese Natural Dried Big Fruit Grain

  • 1.Ingredients: peach, orange, blueberry, rose, strawberry, apple, lemon
  • 2.The fruit tea is made of 100% pure fresh fruits which are oven-dried, so this product does not contain any caffeine, tannic acid, pigment and other artificial additives.
  • 3.After infusion, it has a sweet taste of fresh fruits with a kind of tasty acid. And it is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, as well as fruit acids and minerals, in particular, the amount of the Vitamin C is 60 times as that of lemon.
  • 4.A variety of different flavors of Fruit Herbal Tea is slightly different in composition, while maintaining the original flavor of fruit after brewing, full aroma, and it can relax the mood, with the effect of beauty.
  • 5.You can drink the fruit tea with some sugar, then you will feel relaxed from the tension and be peace, smelling the sweet and fragrant aroma of it.