Naturally Chinese Dried Dates Big Jujube Grey Dates Organic Healthy Food 500 g As a Snack As a Baking Or Make Tea

  • The red dates is large, each jujube is about 1.9 inches long, and the flesh is thick and full
  • From Xinjiang Autonomous region, the best jujube production base in China, Chinese Xinjiang Grey dates, naturally dried dates, these are pre-washed can be eat directly. All natural, no preservative, no sugar added, no color added.
  • Red dates are valued for their nutritional value, high in Vitamin C, B1, B12, Vitamin A, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Magnesium.
  • Reported to improve immunity and lower cholesterol
  • These Ready to eat dates are delicious as a snack as a baking ingredient or to make date tea

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