JQ west lake dragon well green Tea Authentic Hangzhou Origin (Second Grade - 5.3 oz/1 bag)

Brand: JQ


  • 1.Xihu Long jing tea is famous green tea, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and amino acids all working to improve your health, such as relieve fatigue, improve concentration, boost metabolism, weight loss ,detox,purify blood vessels and lower cholesterol.
  • 2.The accurate definition of authentic Longjing refers to the Longjing tea grew in the West Lake area in Hangzhou China.We can provide direct mail service from Hangzhou to make sure our green tea is real dragon well green tea loose leaf.
  • 3.We only sell 2018 mingqian tea. 100 pure organic We choose traditional paper packing way to give our tea a simplicity and classic representation.
  • 4.Our tea masters are dedicated to traditional craftsmanship which is known as pan-roasted, highly skilled shaping in a hot wok so that our fine Dragonwell green tea has strong fragrance, sweet flavor and elegant form.
  • 5.Superior and First grade are suitable for tea connoisseurs or people who pursue high quality of xihu longjing green tea's color, flavor, taste and form. Second Grade is suitable for common tea drinkers.

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.2 x 2.6 inches


Hangzhou West Lake Longjing green tea originated 1200 years ago, representing the highest quality of Chinese green tea. JQ tea is a joint venture between ARTDOU and Hangzhou Tea Plantation, located in the mountainous area of Longjing Village near the West Lake. The unique natural environment and climatic conditions of the region form the unique quality and flavor of Longjing tea. Since the Tang Dynasty, the Longjing green tea planted in this area has enjoyed a high reputation, and it is also the representative of Chinese green tea culture.

How to Brew Longjing Tea

1.You may use a glass to brew your Longjing tea. Enjoy the whole brewing process of leaves rising and falling and see the true color of your tea.

2.Spring water will be the best choice for you to make tea, mineral water and purified water will be your second choice, as they will avoid possible impurities and odd flavors.

3.The ideal water temperature should be around 85ºC (185ºF). At this temperature, you can enjoy the strongest fragrance and the best taste.


Keep airtight in a dry and cool place and away from light to preserve tea in its original flavor, color and taste. Store it in a fridge is a recommendation.

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