JQ Dried Honeysuckle Tea Herbal Flower Tea Jinyin Hua Loose Leaf Delicious Sweet Refreshing Beautiful Flower Clear Away 125g Overheating

Honeysuckle has a fruit and 2 flowers, a yellow one and a white one, looks like gold and silver. They are in pairs, so it is called "two treasure flowers", "a pair of flowers".

Honeysuckle can clear fever, detoxify, detumescence and make eyes brighter, evacuate chill, etc. It can cure hot poisonous swollen disease, ache subcutaneous ulcer, hot warm disease, blood dysentery, haemorrhoids, throat aching etc.

In hot summer, honeysuckle boiled with white chrysanthemum, sugar and water can loose heat, solve hot, sterilize and brighten eyes. For moistening throat, as beverage, it can prevent children measles, sore furuncle, etc.

The old often drinking it can prolong life, cure deficiency.

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