Herbal Teas Sampler White Lotus Nuts Bai Lianzi Lotus Seed Lian zi 500g

  • Lotus seed, also known as Lotus Nuts, scientific Name is Nelumbo nucifera,originated in India.Lotus seed is the fruit of the lotus flower obtained through cultivation of lotus root.
  • The protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium in lotus seeds are very rich. At the same time, they are rich in multiplex vitamins, trace elements.
  • Health effects of Lotus Seed :Lower blood pressure,Prevent spermatorrhea,Nourish body,Convergent blood ,Prevention of myopia
  • Suitable people :All ages. Physical weakness, insomnia, loss of appetite, palpitation, nocturnal emission, mental workers
  • Edible Uses of Lotus Seed :You can consume lotus seeds roasted, fried and raw.Be consumed as snack.Used to make “Lotus Seed Paste” which as a filling is used in numerous desserts and pastries and cakes.Used for preparing soups, congee and other dishes.

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