Hawberry Dried Hawthorn Slices Dried hawberry 500g,Chinese Various Health-enhancing Herbal Tea, Health Tea, Fruit Tea, Scented Tea,Flowertea

  • Plump juicy fresh hawthorn fruits are selected for this tea, and they are cleaned, sliced, and then dried.
  • These slices are intentionally thick to retain their nutrition and the natural taste of the fruit, slightly sour; it can help to increase appetite and promote digestion.
  • Shan zha-hawthorn has been used for hundreds of years in tradition Chinese medicine. Herbalists believe it is mild and effective for improving digestion and reduce blood press.
  • The fruits are also rich in vitamins and trace elements and has a slimming and beautifying effect. Adding sugar or honey is a good choice as well, and this tea can easily be made cold or hot without giving up any of its flavor. However, because of the sour quality of this tea, it is not recommended for drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Note: Because of the sour taste of hawthorn, it is not suitable for drinking with an empty stomach.

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