Guangdong Yingde Black Tea 125g 英红9号 Yinghong No. 9 Black Tea

Yuehong Gongfu is produced in Guangdong, the most famous place is Yingde, and Yinghong No. 9 is the most famous .

It is a hybrid product of Yingde black tea and Assamese species, and Yingde black tea is also the hybrid descendant of Yunnan large-leaf species and Guangdong Phoenix single-cluster group species, so Yinghong No. 9 has the characteristics of large-leaf tea. The taste is strong, and it tastes even better with the addition of sugar and milk .

This tea's bold flavour is suggested by its dark, wild-looking leaves with golden tips: a waft of intense malty and tannic tones, with a roasty-fruity twist evoking grilled peach or pineapple.

Ying De Hong was first introduced in 1959. It uses the big arbor tea tree from Yunnan to grow and produce in Ying De city. The most famous Ying De Hong tea is called Ying Hong # 9. It mainly picked from tips, first leaf, and second leaf.

Ying De Hong receives dozens of honors in the domestic and international tea competitions.
1980, Winner of Chinese National Black Tea Competition.
1984, Yin De Hong got the highest rate of Chinese Commercial Department black tea Completion.
1985 Chinese Food Industry Association, held in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Ying De Hong won the Chinese National Quality Silver Medal.
1986, Paris Food Tourism Association gave a Gold Award to Ying De Hong No1
1991, Ying De Hong also got another Gold Award by the International Exposition.
1992, Silver Award from Hong Kong International Food Fair

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