Chinese Red Ginseng Small Slices 0.5-1cm 100g Pure Nature Planting Time: 6 Years Origin:Jilin Province, China

Chinese Ren Shen, Ginseng Root | Panax Ginseng is a very potent medicinal herb used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ren Shen is a powerful herb used in TCM to tonify the lung qi, spleen qi, heart qi and nourishes yin and yang deficiencies.

6 Years Aged Root - 6 year old roots means the red ginseng plant has reached maturity and maximal potency.

Panax red ginseng is made by repetitive steaming and drying many times to increase saponin(ginsenoside) in the ginseng.

Nutrient Rich - This herb contains a nutrient-rich blend of vitamins, 42 natural minerals, amino acids, essential oils, and enzymes.

Red Ginseng Root | Ren Shen Chinese Tonic Herbs - Suitable for Tonifying the Yang and Qi, Medicinal Grade Chinese Herb 


 Specification: Ren Shen Chinese Herb, Red Ginseng root is a chinese herb that is suitable for tonifying the yang and qi deficiency. 

 It is a powerful tonic herb that tonifies the lung qi, spleen qi, heart qi and nourishes the yin and yang deficiencies. 

 It is sweet, slightly bitter and slightly warm in energy. It enters through the spleen and lung meridians.

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