China Black Tea -JiuQu HongMei/LongJing HongCha (九曲红梅)125g

This black tea is made from the same cultivar as Long Jing green tea. Jiuqu Hongmei, called “Jiuqu Hong” for short, is another traditionally competitive product of West Lake District , Hangzhou and a treasure in black tea. When it is boiled, the liquor of Jiuqu Wulong tea is brightly red like red plum (Chinese name: Hongmei), that is why it is called Jiuqu Hongmei.

Red Plum (Jiuqu Hongmei) also known as Black Longjing is from Hangzhou in China. It is an unusual black tea as it comes from the Long Jing Cultivar but is a fully oxidised black tea. The leaves are twisted into thin curls and have a beautiful aroma of dark plums. The liquor has a similar profile of the same aroma. It is has a fruity, lively taste with a slight floral note, malty with a rich sweetness.

This is an easy to prepare tea. It can be brewed straight in the mug for everyday drinking, and it also does well with gong fu approach in multiple short infusions. Gong fu technique really brings out the floral notes in this tea, but the infusion is flavourful and refreshing whatever technique is used.

Black tea is 100% fermented, it has more caffeine than green tea. We suggest drinking the black tea during the day.
Because of the full fermentation, it contains less tea polyphenols, If you have stomach problems such as acid reflux, stomach ulcer, sensitive stomach ect., we suggest you drink more black tea and drink less green tea, oolong tea, or coffee.

Storage: Store unused portions sealed in an airtight bag away from sunlight at 75℉/24C or below.
Brewing Tips:Suggest 5g tea with 300-350ml,99-100C/210-212℉ ​water soak 2-3 min to drink."

Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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