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  1. Our Story

Hangzhou West Lake Longjing green tea originated 1200 years ago, representing the highest quality of Chinese green tea. JQ tea is a joint venture between ARTDOU and Hangzhou Tea Plantation, located in the mountainous area of Longjing Village near the West Lake. The unique natural environment and climatic conditions of the region form the unique quality and flavor of Longjing tea. Since the Tang Dynasty, the Longjing green tea planted in this area has enjoyed a high reputation, and it is also the representative of Chinese green tea culture.

 Longjing Village

Authentic Hangzhou Longjing green tea.Pre-Ching Ming Tea needs to be picked before the annual Qingming Festival. Fresh leaves are most tender at this time, so the finished products are rich in aroma and beautiful in shape. 

Longjing tea, growing in the mountains around the West Lake in Hangzhou, has a unique quality, which is formed by growing under special soil and climate conditions and unique processing technology adopted.

 Green Tea plantation

When processing the high-grade West Lake Longjing tea, experienced tea experts stir fry the tea leaves in an iron pan only by hands. The ten techniques of stir frying are ingenious and profound. In the process of stir-frying, the tea experts adjust the power of hand-frying flexibly according to the size of fresh leaves, the degree of tenderness and the shape of the green tea in the pot. Only skilled masters can stir the Longjing tea with excellent color, aroma, taste and shape.Mathca - green tea powder

At JQ, we are committed not only to providing fine quality tea; we sincerely hope that we can become a source of tea inspiration to you!


  1. Our Motto

The motto of JQ is providing tea with high quality.

  Stir-drying Tea

  1. Our Goal

We are devoted to constantly improve our production of tea with a superior taste and other fine properties while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our customers. We also try to contribute to a healthy life for our customers and their peace of mind.

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