JQ Herbal Teas Sampler Dried lemon Slices 500g

  • Our freeze-dried fruit has undergone a natural freeze-drying process to dry completely, but unlike conventional dried fruit, its free of added sugar and they deliver a tasty crunch!
  • Our freeze-dried fruits is 100% all natural. It is crunchy, fresh, incredibly flavorful, raw, vegetarian and vegan-friendly and non-GMO!
  • Lemon slicel contains the zest of Lemon.Dried Lemon slice is used in desserts, mulled drinks, added to sugar and used in cooking meat or fish stew
  • Add a slice of dried lemon to each glass of water for an elegant touch at dinner.
  • A few slices added to a water bottle makes a refreshing difference for hiking, backpacking, or climbing. The dried slices make it easy to carry enough for extended trips.

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