Dried Orange Peel 250g Chen Pi Tangerine Peel Tea Drunk Hot and Cold Relives Cold Flu Symptoms

  • It is well known that tangerines are sweet and delicious, and rich in vitamin C. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the peels are called “Chenpi”.
  • Chenpi strips are all handmade, with a scarlet-orange outer skin and pale, yellowish-white inner skin. The dry peel is thick yet fragile, and when brewed in hot water, the liquid immediately steeps out as a bright yellowish green with a heavy tangerine fragrance.
  • It taste mellow and sweet without being sour or bitter in the slightest - and also promotes your appetite! Chenpi can be brewed on its own or with tea of another type, or even used in cooking.
  • This Chenpi Herbal Tea is a great daily drinking for people who have digestive problems or cough, phlegm problems.
  • Note: Some of the tangerine peels have small white or black spots on the outside - this is a natural phenomenon in the growth of the fruit, and not a sign of mold.

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