The Secret of Brilliant Shine - The Essence of Silver Polishing

May 04, 2017

silver polishing

Being fond of a large number of people, silver is not too dazzling. This gentle and soft light of silver fascinates me. How does this kind of gloss come into being? And why silver has such luster? 

Silver is one of material options of ARTDOU jewelry. As raw material, the surface of silver is rough and lack of luster. That’s why when we work on silver jewelry polishing becomes a necessary part of the finishing process to make its shine.

Usually, silver polishing is done manually. Don't look down upon this step in process. Polish the surface by file, abrasive paper, rubber wheel etc. Today we don’t go deeply into polishing tools. Carefully and slowly polish every side, angle and seam. Manual polishing takes advantage of free of dead corner, even and exquisite luster.

In short, the most important thing of maintaining silver is your good care. The better you protect your jewelry, the longest time it may shine.