Cupid: Stringing Hearts Together Since Forever

July 03, 2017

Cupid: Stringing Hearts Together Since Forever

While it has become a rather commonly thrown around term in the world of love and hearts, one must ask: who or what exactly is this Cupid everyone keeps talking about? Is it a madman running around on a rampage to elicit revenge from its enemies by choosing an old fashioned bow and arrow as his prime choice of weapon compared to the ultra modern guns and rifles available in this day and age or is it someone else? Well, here is your answer.

cupid godness of love

When anyone mentions Cupid, the first thing you may think about is love, or Valentine's Day, or maybe you think about a little chubby boy with wings sporting a bow and arrow in its stubby little hands.

cupid's arrow love and heart

The origin of Cupid lies in the ancient mythology of Latin Gods which explains that Cupid is often believed to be the product of the union of the Goddess of Love, Venus and the God of Wars, Mars. What resulted was a God of erotic love, desire, attraction, and affection.

cupid love heart

cupid paper-cut

Cupid is often depicted as a small young boy who teeters on the chubby side and has wings that help him levitate in the air.

Cupid in Tangled movie

But if you have watched the famous movie Tangled (and we are sure you have because how can you not have watched Tangled), you may remember that one old gentleman in a diaper with faux wings attached to his back attempting to enchant Rapunzel’s ‘mother’ in all of his drunken glory as she secretly spied on her fountain of youth. I mean, look at that glorious beard and that remarkable balance despite one drink too many- who could resist!

Cupid in Tangled

We see our Cupid sprinkled in scenes spanning throughout the movie, appearing for what you would consider comic relief but what we would call tempting brilliance. We must admit Rapunzel’s ‘mother’ didn’t look half as bad considering what a century old witch should look like. Her youthful good looks and seductive voice were largely owed to Rapunzel’s lengthy, alluring locks that had magical capabilities. But one must admit that our makeshift Cupid in the movie was certainly onto something! There is no better icebreaking compliment for a lady like comparing her to a tall helping of water on a steaming hot day. Seems as if our diaper wearing old buddy was born to create perfect matches with his intangible arrowhead.

 Rapunzel and her "mother" in Tangled movie

Honoring the memory of the rather funnily aged Cupid-in-a-diaper from the classic movie Tangled and his legendary golden arrow that strikes two hearts and binds them together forever, we present to you this locket that is the physical representation and manifestation of true love. The chain of the locket is a delicate string of rings bathed in an aura of gleaming gold but what is arguably the most noticeable and beautiful part of the necklace is the pendant that hangs in the center.

 Cupid's arrow hearts charm love necklace

The Cupid's favor pendant consists of a curved arrow, which you can notice to be the Cupid’s arrow that we have talked about earlier, the one that induces infatuation in its prey and enhances feelings of affection and desire between two individuals, signifying that they have, indeed, fallen in love. The head of the arrow is sharp and gleaming, while the tail is feathered with six tiny diamonds which add a sharp reflection in contrast to the gold. Threaded into the shaft of the arrow are two forsaken hearts that lie oh so close to each other due to the curve of the lover’s arrow, signifying the closeness of the hearts of you and your significant other.

jewelry gift cupid necklace

Not only is this pendant a symbol of your love when it is in your neck, but it can also become the perfect gift for a loved one as a token of the unending longevity and unparalleled strength of your undying love for them. It is a sign that all but shouts that despite all the obstacles that may fall in our path, Cupid’s arrow will always keep us united in the name of love!