Mobius Strip: The Wonders Hiding in a Strip of Paper

June 18, 2017

Mobius Strip: The Wonders Hiding in a Strip of  Paper

Love is a sensation, an emotion, a feeling that certainly goes above and beyond the spatial axes that we have set in order to quantify and give a comprehensible value to our world and our existence. The infinitesimal status of love is difficult to contain or define in terms of the spatial dimensions of our world and is somewhat akin to the mystery of the famed Mobius strip. Many like to think that both the infinite effect of the Mobius Strip and transcending love is something of a magical quality rather than numeric quantities.

In the classic Nolan film ‘Interstellar’ that has garnered a plethora of positive reviews praising the script and the brain churning concepts employed as the basis of the thriller, we see that the story at the roots of it all seems rather similar to a Mobius strip. Interstellar brings into play the fifth dimension, a dimension from where we can view a number of 4 dimensional spacetime axes. As such, it gives the protagonist the ability to move time forwards and backwards like the knob on the bar of a music player. More than just tinker with the knob on the bar, Cooper plays the music like a string instrument in between his fingers, manipulating the gravitational pull and the laws of physics to produce from a three dimensional world, a new spatial dimension that gives humans something that is much harder to comprehend. Working off of this information, Cooper’s son Murphy develops a human race that thrives in a much higher dimensional world.

The story of Interstellar is one about love and emotions at the rawest of its basis, a story that follows the ups and downs of life- and death- and ethereal love that lasts, without a doubt, beyond the shadows of reality and existence as we know it.


Now for many people when they read about ‘five dimensional’ worlds where things become complex and infinite, their trek of thinking tends to gravitate towards the likes of deadly black holes that swallow you whole and embed you in an endless whirl of nothingness. Well, I say let’s settle for something a bit simpler yet containing all the magic and mystery of a domineering wormhole: the Mobius band.

All the magic starts with something as simple as a strip of ordinary paper or tape. You start off with an ordinary piece of paper, some scissors, and some tape, and from a two-sided and four-edged piece of paper, you can create a figure that has only one side and one edge and goes on and on until infinity when you trace a path along it- quite magical, isn’t it?

You take a two inch wide strip of paper, twist one of its ends, and affix it to the other end of the strip with some transparent tape- voila! With a simple twist, you have yourself a mathematical figure that is quite different from an ordinary ring of paper. The inside and the outside of the ring are not distinct entities, but instead have been merged into one by a simple 180 degree twist.

This Mobius strip teaches us a lot about the dimensions, how we perceive them, and how they may actually exist in reality. If you trace a straight line on the surface of a Mobius strip, you will find at your hand a two dimensional object with a length and a width. Let’s say, that a person is walking in a straight line on this strip. To him, he would simply be walking on a straight road. But he would remain unaware that the strip is actually rotating in a third dimension. In this manner, this simple, twisted piece of paper has opened up the possibilities of the dimensions that exist in our world- those that we know of and those that we remain unaware of.


As a flatlander walking down the road on a Mobius strip, the world would seem two dimensional to one, harboring one’s eyes from the high dimensionality of a three dimensional world. The same applies to us. Our limited approach and visibility prevent us from viewing high dimensionality that goes beyond the fifth dimension, to the point that we would be able to travel back and forth in time and see all events past, present, or future at a glance as in Interstellar.

Regardless of whether or not such would or could become possible, it certainly is an intriguing concept. Meanwhile, we will just enjoy the wonders of the plain yet infinite Mobius strip.

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