10 Things You Should Know for Wearing Silver Jewelry

May 26, 2017

tips for wearing silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is deeply loved by people for many reasons. Silver is not expansive as luxury, not dazzling like gold, but has its own enduring, even mysterious charm. Wearing silver jewelry doesn’t make public and shows low-key.

There are 10 tips you should know for how to wear silver jewelry right.

  1. The silver jewelry studded with colorful zircon (except black) is suitable for young ladies.
  2. It is not necessarily to clean jewelry when silver fading. Why don’t consider keeping its fading color for a vintage style with a nostalgic feeling? We deliberately oxidize our silver necklace for a unique look.
  3. Try unique design and exaggerative silver ring to light up your casual weal.
  4. Too stylish silver jewelry is easily out of date. Don’t wear it when it is outdated.
  5. Don’t wear exotic or brightly colored jewelry with business wear. It is not helpful to leave professional and experienced impression.
  6. It is perfect to wear a tiny bell charm bracelet for a cute and sweet looking.
  7. Don’t wear silver and gold jewelry together.
  8. A simple and delicate silver necklace is definitely suitable for office ladies.
  9. Silver jewelry may not be right choice for matching your gorgeous dress. Wear luxury jewelry with gems and diamonds on great occasions.
  10. Pick several distinctive charms in a necklace or bracelets to make your silver jewelry meaningful and show your personality.

Whatever, the main point I suggest is that it is best only when it fits you.